Pets are the animals which are closes to human and sometimes people keep them in their house, sleep with them on the same beds and so many other things which show people love pets. The most common ones are the cats and the dogs which come with an extensive variety of them. They are also crucial to human because despite the fact that people love their beauty and the companionship they get from them they have some other roles which are essential to people.


These pets are susceptible to what goes into their mouth, and therefore when one keeps the pet, they would like to make sure they give them things which will be good for them. Consequently, it becomes tough for the owner to administer pills to the pet because of their smell and flavor which in most cases will not be part of what the pets are used to. When one is checking for the pills, they must have some condition in their bodies which will need people to give them medicine, however, getting the medicine in their bodies is one of the things that become hard sometimes.


Veterinarians have come up with a method which will be used for feeding the animals and also making them take the pills without their knowledge. One thing is the PawsIQ cat dental treats. They work exceptionally well as they are made up of what the dogs and the cats like. They are not only made for the feeding of the dogs and cats with pills, but they are also nutritious, so every nutrition requirement for the dogs and the cat's is catered by them.


The pills are pushed in the pockets at PawsIQ so that the dog cannot detect the smell of the drug, and since they are made up of meat, the pets will feed on them in the best way possible and hence making it have a significant impact for them. They come in many flavors which will attract the cats and the dogs and therefore there is a lot of the pockets for the use by people.



In most cases, you will find chicken and beef because the cats are attracted so much to the chicken flavor, and the dogs are attracted to the beef flavor. There should be cautious while feeding the pet such that you didn't hold the pocket with that hand that you used to feed the pet, and this is one of the things people will need to take care of. Read more about pets at